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One of Duck Products previous competitions was for vehicles covered in duct tape called "Stuck in Traffic". Entries included rabbits, a castle, a van decorated as Van Gogh 's Starry night (titled Vango and won by a truck called the Dragonracer  a half dragon, half two-toned race car. Some people enjoy making novelty items out of duct tape or decorating objects with. Increased interest in creating these novelty and fashion pieces (such as duct tape prom dresses and handbags) has given rise to designer duct tape handbags, wallets, belts and related items. Citation needed a medical study by Adam doorn announced on major news networks on October 15, 2002, stated that application of duct tape can be used as an effective treatment for warts. 10 This treatment is often called by the name duck or duct tape occlusion therapy. A more recent study claimed to have debunked these findings, pointing out the original researchers didn't actually examine participants to determine if the warts were in fact gone, but instead phoned participants and asked.

6 Usage on ductwork to provide lab data about which sealants and tapes last, and which are likely to fail, research was conducted at Lawrence berkeley national Laboratory Environmental Energy technologies division. Their major conclusion was that one should not use duct tape to seal ducts (specialty tapes are available for this purpose). (They defined duct tape as any fabric-based tape with rubber adhesive.) The testing done shows that under challenging but realistic conditions, duct tapes become brittle and may fail. 7 Commonly duct tape carries no safety certifications such as ul or Proposition 65, which means the tape can violently burn, produce toxic smoke, ingestion and contact toxicity, irregular mechanical strength, and low life expectancy for the adhesive on the tape. Its use in ducts has been prohibited by the state of California 8 and by building codes in most other places in the. However, metalized and aluminum tapes used by professionals are still often called "duck/duct tapes". Alternative uses Christmas light-impregnated duct tape space suit costumes used by Chicago based rock band Ophur. During the week prior to the traditional usc -ucla rivalry football game, the tommy Trojan statue is covered in duct tape to prevent the spray-painting of rival ucla 's colors on the statue. 9 Duct tape's widespread popularity and multitude of uses has earned it luminous a schimmelinfectie strong place in popular culture, and has inspired a vast number of creative and imaginative applications. Duck Products annually sponsors a competition that offers a college scholarship to the person who creates the most stylish prom formal wear made from Duck tape. The number of uses to which duct tape can be put is a source of humor (many of these are collected in books by "The duck tape guys.

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their work, including in some emergency situations. One such usage occurred in 1970, when the square carbon dioxide filters from Apollo 13 's failed command module had to be modified to fit round receptacles in the lunar module, which was being used as a lifeboat after an explosion en route to the. A workaround was made using duct tape and other items on board Apollo 13, with the ground crew relaying directions to the spacecraft and its crew. The lunar module co2 scrubbers started working again, saving the lives of the three astronauts on board. Ed Smylie, who designed the scrubber modification in just two days, said later that he knew the problem was solvable when it was confirmed that duct tape was on the spacecraft: "I felt like we were home free he said in 2005. "One thing a southern boy will never say is, 'i don't think duct tape will fix. 4 Duct tape was also used aboard Apollo 17 to improvise a repair to a damaged fender on the lunar rover, preventing possible damage from the rooster tails of lunar dust as they drove. Manual for spaceflight operations aboard the International Space Station, duct tape is even called for in case of "acute psychosis " during a space mission; nasa procedures call for the use of duct tape to restrain the affected astronaut.
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In military circles, this variant is known as "gun-tape typically olive-green, and also known for its resistance to oils and greases. It is also called "Riggers Tape "Hurricane tape or "100-mph tape 1 a geschoren name that comes from the use of a specific variety of duct tape that was supposed to hold up to 100 mph winds. Another version attributes this to the fact that soldiers often refer to something that exceeds expectations as "High Speed.". In Germany the tape is commonly known as "Panzerband" ( tank -tape a name which emphasizes its general toughness, or "Gaffer/Gaffa-tape". Common uses, it spierpijn is commonly used in situations that require a strong, flexible, long lasting adhesive, particularly when exposure to the elements is a concern. A more specialized product, commonly known as gaffer tape, is preferred in entertainment circles, as it does not leave a sticky residue when removed and is more easily torn into thin strips for precise application. Duct tape, in its guise as "racer's tape has been used in motorsports for more than 40 years to repair fiberglass bodywork. Racer's tape comes in a wide range of colors to help match it to common paint colors.

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5 Popularity of music cassettes edit The mass production of blank (recordable) Compact Cassettes began in 1964 in Hanover, germany. 16 Prerecorded music cassettes (also known as Music-Cassettes, and later just Musicassettes ;. For short) were launched in Europe in late 1965. The mercury record Company, a us affiliate of Philips, introduced. To the us in July 1966. The initial offering consisted of 49 titles. 22 However, the system had been designed initially for dictation and portable use, with the audio quality of early players not well suited for music. Some early models also had an unreliable mechanical design. In 1971, the Advent Corporation introduced their Model 201 tape deck that combined Dolby type b noise reduction and chromium(IV) oxide (CrO2) tape, with a commercial-grade tape transport mechanism supplied by the wollensak camera division of 3m corporation.

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This was achieved primarily by the introduction of transistors which replaced the bulky, fragile, and costly vacuum tubes of earlier designs. Reel-to-reel tape then became more suitable to household use, but still remained an esoteric product. Introduction of the compact Cassette edit In 1962, Philips invented the compact Cassette medium for audio storage, introducing it in Europe on uemura t the berlin Radio show, and in the United States (under the norelco brand) in november 1964, with the trademark name compact Cassette. The team at Philips was led by lou ottens in Hasselt, belgium. 17 18 "Philips was competing with Telefunken and Grundig in a race to establish its cassette tape as the worldwide standard, and it wanted support from Japanese electronics manufacturers." 19 However, the Philips' compact Cassette became dominant as a result of Philips' decision (under pressure. 20 Philips also released the norelco carry-corder 150 recorder/player in the us in november 1964.

By 1966 over 250,000 recorders had been sold in the us alone and Japan soon became the major source of recorders. By 1968, 85 manufacturers had sold over.4 million players. 16 21 by the end of the 1960s, the cassette business was worth an estimated 150 million dollars. 16 In the early years sound quality was mediocre, but it improved dramatically by the early 1970s when it caught up with the quality of 8-track tape and kept improving. 5 The compact Cassette went on to become a popular (and re-recordable ) alternative to the 12-inch vinyl lp during the late 1970s.

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The top is a maxell mx (Type iv bottom right is a tdk sa (Type ii) and the bottom left is a tdk d (Type I). One of the first (portable) cassette recorders from Philips, the typ el 3302 (1968) In 1935, decades before the introduction of the compact Cassette, aeg released the first reel-to-reel tape recorder (in German: Tonbandgerät with the commercial name " ziekte Magnetophon ". It was based on the invention of the magnetic tape (1928) by Fritz Pfleumer, which used similar technology but with open reels (for which the tape was manufactured by basf ). These instruments were very expensive and relatively difficult to use and were therefore used mostly by professionals in radio stations and recording studios. In 1958, following four years of development, rca victor introduced the stereo, quarter-inch, reversible, reel-to-reel rca tape cartridge. 8 9 However, it was a large cassette (5" 7 and offered few pre-recorded tapes. Despite the multiple versions, it failed. Consumer use of magnetic tape machines only took off in the early 1960s, after playback machines reached a comfortable, user-friendly design.

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The tegels first cassette player (although mono) designed for use in car dashes was introduced in 1968. Between the early 1970s and the early 2000s, the cassette was one of the two most common formats for prerecorded music, first alongside the. Lp record and later the compact disc (CD). 5, compact Cassettes contain two miniature spools, between which the magnetically coated, 1/8" wide polyester-type plastic film (magnetic tape) is passed and wound. 6 These spools and their attendant parts are held inside a protective plastic shell which is 4"x2.5"x0.5" at its largest dimensions. Two stereo pairs of tracks (four total) or two monaural audio tracks are available on the tape; one stereo pair or one monophonic track is played or recorded when the tape is moving in one direction and the second (pair) when moving in the other. This reversal is achieved either by manually flipping the cassette, or by the machine automatically changing the direction of tape movement auto-reverse when it detects that the tape has come to an end. 7 Contents History edit before the compact Cassette edit wollensak portable reel-to-reel tape recorder Cassettes of varying tape quality and playing time.

The, compact Audio cassette cAC ) or, musicassette mc also commonly called the cassette tape or simply tape or cassette, is an analog magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback. It was released by, philips in 1963, having been developed. 2, compact cassettes come in two forms, either already containing content as a prerecorded cassette, or as a fully recordable "blank" cassette. Both forms are reversible by the user. 3, the compact cassette technology was originally designed for dictation machines, but improvements in fidelity led the compact Cassette to supplant the. Stereo 8-track cartridge and reel-to-reel tape recording in most non-professional applications. 4, its uses ranged from portable audio to home recording to data haar storage for early microcomputers.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, a roll of glossy, grey duct tape. Duct tape reuma is a vinyl, reinforced, multi-purpose pressure sensitive tape with a soft and flexible shell and pressure sensitive adhesive. It is generally silver or black in color but many other colors have recently become available. With a standard width of 178 inches (48 mm duct tape was originally developed during. World War ii in 1942 as a water resistant sealing tape for ammunition cases. Permacel, then a division of, johnson johnson, used a rubber -based adhesive to help the tape resist water and a fabric backing to add strength. It was also used to repair military equipment quickly, including jeeps, firearms, and aircraft because of these properties.

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    The series sometimes showcased fan duct tape creations. 50 In popular culture edit The duct Tape guys (Jim Berg and Tim Nyberg) have written seven books about duct tape, as of 2005. 2 31 Manufacture edit see also: Chemistry of adhesive tapes  Composition Modern duct tape is made with any one of a variety of woven fabrics to provide strength. Retrieved September 27, 2012.

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    One such usage occurred in 1970 when woodfill was working in Mission Control, when the square carbon dioxide filters from Apollo 13 's failed command module had to be modified to fit round receptacles in the lunar module, which was being used as a lifeboat. "Threat level raised to Orange". 49 Duct tape has been used to temporarily fix Apple's iPhone 4 dropped call issue, as an alternative to Apple's own rubber case.

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